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Isn't It Funny...

Isn’t it funny, how the leaves change color and fall?

Isn’t it funny, how the world spins and we don’t get dizzy at all?

And isn’t it funny, as it’s spinning we grow colder and warmer depending on where we are traveling on the path circumnavigating that glowing ball of gas held in wide, open, empty space?

Isn’t it funny, that it is the same sun and moon we see today that the Romans saw while building the colosseum? The same moon and sun that touched the Great Wall? That our grandparents once met under as teenagers staying out late at that ice cream place?

Isn’t it funny, how we laugh little laughs of embarrassment as heat creeps up our cheeks, big deep laughs of joy until tears coat our lashes, unable to draw any air in?

And some days, isn’t it funny that the laugh dies in our throat never to leave our lips?

Thinking of all these little funny things often makes me one and the same feel so small and divine. Standing here, watching the golden leaves that were once green shake in an unseen stream of air, I think it’s funny that wind could be from anywhere, going everywhere.

And I wonder if it ever will stop or slow, barely a brush of here to infinity.

I’m glad I saw it for a little while.

Paused to watch the colors dance wild.

Felt the sun’s warmth on my face, letting the moment linger into two.

For aren't the little moments the funniest of all?

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