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Bring Your Words: A Writers' Community Anthology 2022

So excited to have this collection of Short Stories, Poems, and Essays that I and nine other awesome (I'm biased we are all friends and have been for years) authors have coming out soon. Published by Fifth Avenue Press, it will be available for purchase in May 2022!

The Hardcover and Paperback books are available at a variety of bookstores! Amazon, Walmart, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound,, and more!

Confined Connections


Two poems, "Salt" & "I Am, That I Am" along with five short stories "The Winter People," "The Empath," "Run," "Coffee," and "To Be Like the Boxcar Children," are published within these pages!

*To buy the EBook you'll have to search for Confined Connections*
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Residential College Alumni Journal 5th Edition

Inside you'll find the first ten pages of my script NOT MY BROTHER. And a short film script titled Iguana-Dog. Hope you enjoy!

*Pages 50 and 79

Residential College Alumni Journal 4th Edition

The first ten pages of my original supernatural horror TV pilot BeTwIxT can be read here! 

*Page 76

Residential College Alumni Journal 3rd Edition


"The Adventures of Star Girl and the Marble Roller" is a short story. "What is a Moment?" is a moment in time. "A Crown" crosses the line between poetry and short story, with musings on raindrops. "Waiting" was the first poem I ever wrote, it won a $25 gift card and 2nd place in my high school literature contest. 

*Page 15 and 92 

Residential College Alumni Journal 2nd Edition


My nonfiction piece about witnessing a tragedy, "A Memoir of Kindness" won a Summer Hopwood Award in 2017, and can be read here, along with my poem "Salt."

*Page 24 and 46

The Cafe Shapiro Anthology: Selected Poems & Short Stories


"Star Girl and the Marble Roller" follows Fredrick as he embarks on a quest to show Star Girl the sun.

*Click on view/open on the right hand side to open the PDF of the anthology. Page 203

The Residential College Review


Do you like six-word stories? I have several for reading here!

*Page 87

The  Northwestern Michigan Magazine 


"Terra" is a short piece about what it would be like as an Earth Thrower. 

*Page 26-27

The  Northwestern Michigan Magazine


"Mayta's Dreams" follows a Young Boy who only wants to dream. 

Bay Life North


"Marvelous Mom" is a nonfiction piece about my well...Marvelous Mom!

*Page 17