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Women in Horror Film Festival Nomination - Top 10!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

My Original Supernatural Horror TV Pilot "Betwixt" has been nominated for Best Short Screenplay in the Women in Horror Film Festival Script Competition 2020

So excited my latest TV Pilot script, Betwixt, has been announced as an Official Selection to the Women in Horror Film Festival 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia and Nominated for Best Short Script! This story is near and dear to my heart and creative passions as it is based on a true event and is a tale of wish-fulfillment.

When a tragedy occurs, we often wonder if there is anything, we could have done to change it or if there was a way to fix it. In Betwixt, I wanted to explore possibilities where the characters could discover a way and world in the “Betwixt” where they could just maybe undo the loss and pain. Turn back the clock. And just maybe bring someone, or two, back from the dead.

Without giving too much away that’s at the heart of the story, I’ll say this. Being a witness to a tragic event does not mean the happening is your fault. It just means you were there to see it. To pay attention. To bear witness. With all the people on this planet, at this time, at the place you are at, crossing the street, in your next meeting, living beside you, it’s a miracle any of us meet at all for more than a moment. Stay friends for as long as we do. Find connection and common ground in things we are passionate in. It is truly amazing. And I am honored to have known, worked with, walked beside as many souls as I have.

May we all find our joy betwixt sorrow in the memories we have of those who’ve gone ahead of us.

*Photo Credit: Matt Orwig and Isaac Bergman

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